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Volunteer Opportunities
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We are always looking for volunteers who are interested in the community. There are many volunteer opportunities.  

Boards and Commissions
The City Council appoints citizens to committees and boards to advise the Council on certain decisions and policy matters. These dedicated citizens meet on a regular basis to address current issues and look for ways to make Fairview an even better place to live and work.

Commission / Committee Openings: Brief Description
  • Budget Committee / 3 positions: reviews the proposed budget and has the legal authority to change any portion of the proposed budget and is responsible to pass the City's approved budget. Meets annually, usually in early May. 
  • Planning Commission / 3 positions: advises council on long-range, comprehensive planning and land use issues within the city, recommends amendments and policies related to land use, administers and enforces the city's zoning ordinance, helps ensure the city meets all state and regional land use goals. Meets when needed; the second or fourth Tuesday of the month. 
  • Community Engagement Committee / 2 positions: ensures arts and community events continue as an integral part of the community, encourages opportunities to recognize arts and community events, provides coordination and communication for arts and event activities, encourages and work cooperatively with community partners. Typically meets once a month. May schedule additional meetings specific to an event/project.   
  • Economic Development Advisory Committee / 2 positions: advises and makes recommendations to the city council to promote the interests of existing business enterprises and encourage new business;  helps to encourage private sector job growth; provides policy guidance to the council on matters of economic development and acts as a liaison between the public and elected and appointed officials; etc. Typically meets once a month.
  • Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee / 3 positions: assists city council with the use and management of city parks and playing fields for the enjoyment of citizens; identifies desirable future park locations; and helps with park funding, use planning, acquisition, development and maintenance; etc. Typically meets once a month.
  • Public Safety Advisory Committee / 2 positions: aides city council in reviewing and making recommendations on community livability concerns related to crime prevention and traffic safety that affects public safety; promotes public safety education and awareness; collaborates and provides policy guidance to the council on matters of public safety and acts as a liaison between the public and elected and appointed officials; etc. Typically meets once a month.
All interested persons are encouraged to apply. Please submit a completed Boards/Commissions application to the City Recorder.

Additional Information
If you need additional information, contact us at (503) 665-7929.