COVID-19 Information & Resources

The City of Fairview knows that this is a difficult time for many in our community and in an effort to help those in need weather the storm we have compiled this COVID-19 Assistance and Resource list. Here you will find information on a range of issues—including small business assistance, rent and mortgage assistance, utility assistance, food assistance, among others—which will be updated periodically as new programs are introduced and others end. For additional information and/or application assistance please contact Nate Midgley, the City of Fairview’s COVID-19 Response Specialist, by emailing or by calling (503) 674-6236.

Rental/Mortgage Assistance

  • On June 30, 2021, the statewide eviction moratorium expired. However, there is still 90 day eviction protection available to Multnomah County residents who can prove that they have applied for rental assistance. If you are struggling with rental payments you can call or text 211 or visit for immediate assistance.
  • The Oregon Emergency Rental Assistance Program, which helps eligible low-income households with their past due rent and utilities, is accepting applications. For more information or to apply go to
  • In addition, the Multnomah County Emergency Rent Assistance is also accepting applications—for information on this program visit Multnomah County Emergency Rent Assistance |

Internet Assistance

Food Program

  • If you need immediate assistance to address a food shortage the quickest thing to do is call or text 211 or visit
  • In addition, the East County Food Pantry distributes food boxes Saturday morning starting at 11 am until supplies last at the Smith Memorial Presbyterian Church in Fairview.
  • You can also visit the Oregon Food Bank’s website to find free access to groceries near you.

Utility Assistance Program

  • If you need immediate assistance with utility payments the quickest thing to do is call or text 211 or visit
  • In addition, visiting Energy Assistance - Oregon Energy Fund can give you access to a number of organizations offering energy assistance in the Fairview area—these organizations include Human Solutions and Latino Network, among others, who may be able to offer you additional services aside from utility assistance.

Small Business Program                                                    

  • There is currently a Multnomah County small business assistance program in development which you can find more information on by visiting this webpage. Once the program is open for applications that information will be posted here.
  • In addition, while the regular federal COVID EIDL Loan program does require recipients to pay its loans back, the EIDL Advance does not, and is a good option for those struggling businesses in Fairview that need assistance now. For updated EIDL Loan information, including eligibility requirements, the U.S. Small Business Administration has released COVID EIDL FAQs as of September 3, 2021 (

Childcare Resources

  • Once again, calling or texting 211 is the fastest and easiest way to access childcare resources. You can visit this webpage Child Care & Parenting — 211info to learn more.

Vaccine Resources

  • Vaccines have proven to be our best tool at protecting individuals and the broader community from COVID-19 infection. They are free of charge and widely available – call 211 or visit Multnomah County’s vaccine finder webpage to find a vaccine near you today!
  • In addition, certain groups have been approved for third doses of the vaccine or vaccine booster shots. To see if you qualify—and to learn the difference between third doses and booster shots—visit this webpage from the Oregon Health Authority.