How to Shut Off Your Water

If a water pipe broke in your home, are you able to find the shut off valve? Know where it's located before you have an emergency. There should be a valve near the house.

Look for your shut off valve in the following places:

In the meter box at the street on the house side of your meter.
In the crawl space or basement, where the water line enters the home.
In the garage where the water line enters the wall or ceiling, near the water heater or laundry hookup.
Outside near the foundation, often protected by a concrete ring or clay pipe.

Your Water Meter Water Meter Box (JPG)

Your water meter is located in a concrete or plastic box in the ground, generally in front of your house and near the side property line. It's important to keep the box free of plants and roots that can obstruct or hide the meter or damage the service line.

Can't Find Your Shut Off Valve?

You may want to have a shut off valve installed if you can't locate one. If you have an emergency and need help shutting off your water at the meter or locating your water meter, please call the City of Fairview at 503- 665-9320.
Types of Shut Off Valves
Your water shut off valve may take many different forms. Below are a few of the most common types of shutoff valves:

Water Shut Off Valve (JPG)
Water Shut Off Valve (JPG)