Citywide Efforts to Conserve Water

The City of Fairview is doing its part to conserve our community's water resources by maintaining our water system infrastructure and making improvement to increase its efficiency. We also provide resources to help residents save water. With effective water conservation efforts, we can slow the growth in demand for our water supply, allowing us to serve more people and delay costly infrastructure expansion projects.
Our efforts to save water include:
  • Using automatic meter reading technology that alerts customers about leaks on their property.
  • Monitoring for and promptly repairing leaks in the City's water system.
  • Providing historical water use data on water bills to help residents and businesses track their monthly water use habits and trends. Offering free indoor and outdoor water conservation kits to residents.
  • Providing conservation information on our website and in our quarterly newsletter.
  • Hosting booths promoting water conservation at events.
  • Providing grants to the Columbia Slough Watershed Council to teach water conservation lessons in classrooms.

Visit us at Fairview on the Green!

Stop by the Public Works Department's booth to play a spin-the-wheel game for the chance to win outdoor water conservation kits and water bottles (and learn about water conservation while you're at it). We'll also have a "dripping faucet machine" for you to guess the amount of water loss from drips, a groundwater model that demonstrates how water moves through the aquifer, and a water treatment plant model. We hope to see you at Fairview on the Green this September!

  • Partnering with the Audubon Society to promote the Audubon Society's Backyard Habitat Certification Program, which provides assistance and incentives to residents for landscaping with native plants that provide wildlife habitat and are adapted to the local climate, so they can thrive with less water.
We continue to look for water conservation opportunities and we hope our efforts inspire you to take actions that conserve more water, too.