Flushing Program

Every year the City of Fairview Public Works department flushes the City's waterlines. Hydrant flushing is a technique used across the country to maintain water quality and clean the pipes that deliver water to homes and businesses. In unfiltered water systems, such as Fairview’s, sediment and other organic material accumulate at the bottom of the water mains. This material can impact water quality at your tap if it is stirred up. When we flush hydrants, we flush the material out and bring fresh water into the mains.  

Water used during flushing is doing important work. While it may look wasteful, the flushing technique we use is an efficient and necessary use of water to maintain the integrity of the pipes and ensure excellent water quality. Similar to how we brush our teeth every day, Public Works cleans the inside of our water mains on a routine basis. It’s an essential part of, and a planned investment in, maintaining the health of our water system.

Waterline flushing will take place during regular business hours (typically 8:00 am to 4:00 pm weekdays).

Typical Flushing Activities

Crews will be working in the street and at hydrants. You may see them accessing valves in the street to change how water flows through the pipe. 

Crews doing planned flushing work attach large hoses to hydrants and turn on the hydrant at a fast flow. There will be water spraying from the hose and water could pool in the road. Crews will clear storm drains to minimize water pooling. Crews do not leave hydrants unattended during this type of flushing. This type of flushing typically lasts less than an hour but, in some situations, can last longer. 

Safety During Flushing

If you see our flushing crew working in your area, please drive carefully and treat them like any other road construction crew. Be careful of spraying and pooling water.

Water Service Impacts

We will not turn your water off during flushing activities. In rare cases, you may see discolored water at your tap or experience lower pressure. Find more information in the Report discolored water or low pressure section below.

Notification Before Flushing

For our flushing work, we post signs in the areas and neighborhoods where we will be working. Look for more information on these signs if you have more questions.

Pooling Water & Blocked Storm Drains

Water running down the street is normal during flushing activities. Sometimes water pools at street corners or at storm drains. Our flushing crew will work to clear streets and storm drains to reduce water pooling. If pooling does happen, it is only temporary and lasts less than one hour.

Report Discolored Water or Low Pressure

In rare instances, while we are flushing you might notice discolored water, lower water pressure, or in extreme cases unexpected loss of water pressure. You can report these issues by calling Public Works at 503-665-9320.

Discolored water is not consistent with the quality of water we intend to serve. If you have discolored water, you may choose to flush your water line by running COLD water for 2-5 minutes to try and work the discolored water through your home. Do not turn on hot water as sediment may be pulled into and through your water heater. If the water does not clear up in that timeframe, wait an hour and try again. When the water runs clear, run the water at any taps where you had discolored water.

Questions about flushing or want to report discolored water or low pressure? You can call our Public Works department at 503-665-9320.