Street Lights

Fairview Street Light

Street lights located in Fairview are owned, operated and maintained by the Mid-County Lighting District.

When reporting a street light outage or repair, it is very helpful if you provide the address the pole is nearest to, the map and pole number, and what the problem is, (light out, flickering, on all day). Most light poles have a metal tag located on them which has the map and pole number.

There are several options to report a street light issue. Contact the City of Fairview Public Works Department. Staff will then handle the reporting to Mid-County Lighting District and will track until resolved.

  1. Call 503-674-6222
  2. Send an email

OR report directly to Mid-County Lighting District:

  1. Mobile and desktop app: or download the SeeClickFix app using your Android or Apple device from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store