The City of Fairview, adopts a budget in accordance with Oregon’s Local Budget Law (ORS 294.305 to ORS 294.565). Beginning in 2023, the City has switched from an annual  fiscal year budget (12 month) to a biennial budget (24 month).  The biennial budget covers two fiscal years, July 1 - June 30. The budget process is as follows:

  1. Proposed Budget document is prepared,
  2. City Budget Officer presents proposed budget to the City Budget Committee,
  3. Budget Committee reviews and recommends proposed
    (or revised-proposed budget) for approval by the City Council,
  4. Public Hearing is held for citizen input,
  5. City Council adopts budget.

The City budget includes 17 funds and 9 active departments.

Adopted Budgets

Annual Comprehensive Financial Report 

Proposed Budget

Urban Renewal Agency

The City Budget Committee also acts as the Urban Renewal Agency Budget Committee. They follow the same budget process outlined above, except they recommend proposals to the Urban Renewal Agency and the Urban Renewal Agency adopts the budget. 

Adopted Budget

Proposed Budget