Oregon E-Cycles

Computers & TVs

Oregon E-Cycles, a new statewide program that began January 1, 2009, provides free, easy, and responsible recycling for all brands of computers, monitors, and TVs. Anyone can bring computers (desktops and laptops), monitors, and TVs, up to seven at a time, to participating locations for free recycling. The program does not provide free recycling for keyboards, mice, speakers, printers, scanners, or other types of electronics or appliances.

Recycling Locations

There are 8 local collection sites, including many local Goodwill donation sites, within five miles of Fairview. Visit Oregon E-Cycles for a complete list of locations or call 1-888-5-ECYCLE (329253).

Information Removal

Remember to protect your data security when recycling computers. Remove all personal and confidential information by erasing and removing all data prior to recycling.