Groundwater Protection Program

Groundwater Quality

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The City of Portland Water Bureau has been working with the cities of Fairview and Gresham, the Columbia Corridor Association (CCA), and area businesses to protect groundwater quality in the Columbia South Shore Well Field, which is the city's and region's drinking water supply. Our partners have helped us create a groundwater protection program that is effective and responsive to the needs of businesses while protecting this valuable resource. Hopefully you have already heard of this program through our mailings, the CCA, and outreach efforts.


The groundwater protection program is regulatory in nature and is in place to protect the region's groundwater supply from contamination and from hazardous chemicals that can enter the aquifer. Businesses are regulated in this area if they use over a certain quantity of chemicals of concern. Regulations vary from structural best management practices (BMPs) to contain and prevent chemical spills to operational best management practices. There is also an inspection and reporting component to the program. Information on what chemicals are regulated, the quantities that are regulated, and regulatory requirements can be found on the following links: