Storm Water Services

Storm Water Program

The City of Fairview's Storm Water Management Program manages drainage, improves water quality, and protects habitats by operating and maintaining the storm water conveyance system, implementing design and construction standards, reducing the introduction of pollutants, and enhancing riparian areas.

The Public Works Department has primary responsibility for the implementation of the storm water program. We construct, maintain, and improve the public drainage system to meet the needs of the public and to comply with water quality regulations set by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

Storm Water & Surface Water Quality

The majority of storm water and surface water that flows from Fairview city limits discharges to Fairview Lake. Fairview Lake discharges to the Columbia Slough, which flows to the Willamette River.

Because of these connections, Fairview is mandated to comply with applicable water quality requirements of the federal Clean Water Act as it pertains to these individual water bodies.

Additional Programs

The city has existing programs and policies that prevent and reduce water pollution through the use of best management practices (BMPs). The City's 2022 Storm Water Management Plan (SWMP) (PDF) reduces pollutants from storm water through street and storm water maintenance activities, eliminating non-storm water discharges, spill prevention and response, public education and participation.

There are numerous other plans and activities that protect water quality such as: